What is HondaLink?

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HondaLink is a premium service that connects your Honda vehicle to an app that allows you to extend the features on your vehicle.

With four packages you can add to most Honda Vehicles from Honda since 2018 these packages include a ton of great features that include things like Roadside Assistance, Key By Amazon in-car delivery, recall notifications, and much more.

Link Package

Free standard package for Select Vehicles

When you purchase a new Honda with HondaLink ability you get access to the link package for free. When you connect your car and log into the app you will get access to Vehicle Guide, Service Appointments, Recall Notifications, and Roadside Assistance.

  • Vehicle Guide
    • Detailed vehicle information, including the owner’s manual, is easily accessible through the app.
  • Service Appointments
    • Schedule service appointments with local Honda-certified dealerships and shops
  • Recall Notifications
    • If your car has a recall that app will notify and assist in helping you schedule a time to take your car in to get the recall fixed.
  • Roadside Assistance
    • If you end up stuck on the side of the road for any reason this portion of the app will help you get in contact with the right person to help you get driving again.
  • Dashboard
    • Get information about your vehicle including up-to-day mileage, fuel level, and oil life.
  • Vehicle Notifications
    • The app will let you know when it is time to take your car in for its regular maintenance or if you get a warning light it will get you the details.
  • Send Destination
    • Look up destinations on your app and beam them right to the dashboard for turn by turn directions.

Security Package

$89/year after 12-month complimentary period

The Security package is set up for keeping you and your loved ones safe. It allows you to get in your HondaLink app the ability to wipe your vehicle’s system data, Automatic Collision Notification, and more.

You get everything in the Link Package and

  • Automatic Collision Notifications
    • Should you end up in a collision an agent from Honda will check-in with you and see if you need help, even if no one is able to respond.
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance
    • Live help from towing and repair services at the tips of your fingertips
  • Emergency Call
    • Should you end up in an emergency a HondaLink agent will be ready to deliver priority attention and ensure that help will be sent.
  • Personal Data Wipe
    • If for any reason you need to reset your navigation system back to its default state remotely.

Remote Package

$110/year after a 3-month trial

Whether it is Remotes Start or you want to ask Alexa for a bit of information that is bugging you, this package has some tools that will make your commute better.

You get everything in the Link Package and

  • Remote Start
    • Start your engine and let the climate control get your car to a comfortable temperature from the app.
  • Security Alarm Alert
    • If your alarm is triggered the app will alert you.
  • Amazon Alexa Skill
    • Use Alexa commands and use your digital personal assistant from the driver seat.
  • Remote Lock & Unlock
    • Being able to lock and unlock your vehicle from the app will save you from having to worry about locking yourself out or trying to remember if you locked your car when you got in the elevator to your office.
  • Find my Car
    • The app logs the location of where you parked to help you find it easier.
  • Geofence Alert
    • The app will let you know when your vehicle enters or leaves a designated area.
  • Stolen Vehicle Locator
    • Should your vehicle get stolen, the app and the team at Honda will help the authorities find your car.
  • Key By Amazon In-Car Deliveries
    • With Key by Amazon delivery driver can place your package securely in your car while you are at work or social distancing in your home.

Concierge Service

$260/year after trial period

You spend a lot of time in your car and having a personal concierge available to help you with anything from booking a hotel, to getting reservations at a restaurant, to planning a last-minute trip, and anything in between.

The Concierge service comes with all the features in the Remote and Link package, and the following items.

  • Personal Concierge
    • Instant access to a live person to assist you.
  • Track your driving score
    • Whenever you go on a trip HondaLink will collect data about the way you drive and calculate a ‘Driving Score’ based on your time behind the wheel, smooth driving, and various other data points.
  • Learn about your driving habits
    • HondaLink will provide the driver with feedback on your latest trip, including a driving score to help you understand your driving behavior.
  • Get useful tips
    • You will get tips on how to improve your driving score that may reduce wear and tear on your vehicle as well as increase fuel efficiency.
  • Qualify for insurance discounts
    • Based on your driving score HondaLink will help look for great discounts for you on your auto insurance.

Car Compatibility

Not all of these features are available in all Honda vehicles. In fact, if your Honda is older than 2018 you aren’t going to be able to take part in this program. However, you can see what your Honda is worth and trade one in at Dick Hannah Honda where we will be happy to help you get into a honda with all the features you want. For those with a newer Honda, you can check the HondaLink compatibility tool to see what features you can activate in your car.

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