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2017 Honda Odyssey

January 20, 2017

View Inventory   Widely considered to be the top-of-the-line option in the minivan market, the Honda Odyssey takes the standard minivan and elevates it to impressive levels. Thoughtful, adaptable, and filled with impressive extras, the Odyssey not only offers reliability but luxury as well. 2017 Honda Odyssey The Odyssey looks like most minivans, with...Read more


2017 Honda CR-V vs Ford Escape

January 05, 2017

View Inventory   Two of the most popular small SUVs on the market, the Honda CR-V and the Ford Escape both offer a relatively budget-friendly entry into the SUV market. But which one is the best option? 2017 Honda CR-V vs Ford Escape Design Both the Ford Escape and the Honda CR-V offer three...Read more


2017 Honda Accord EX vs Hybrid

January 05, 2017

View Inventory   You’ve narrowed down your choices to the 2017 Honda Accord, and feel confident about that choice. You’ve even decided that you need the four-door sedan model and want to opt for a version that has some added features, so the EX model looks appealing. But now the 2017 Accord has a...Read more


2017 Honda Accord vs Mazda 6

January 05, 2017

View Inventory   Comparable in base price and overall fuel economy, the 2017 Honda Accord and the 2017 Mazda 6 will likely both be on your shortlist of sedan options as you’re shopping. But which option will give you the most for your money? 2017 Honda Accord vs Mazda 6 Design The Mazda 6...Read more


2017 Honda Accord vs Civic

January 05, 2017

View Inventory   Comparing the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic feels a little strange-it’s like comparing two types of apples or a big brother against a little brother. They’re built by the same automaker, with the same commitment to safety and security, so the choice here isn’t about quality as much as it...Read more

2017 Honda CR-V vs Toyota RAV4

2017 Honda CR-V vs Toyota RAV4

December 21, 2016

In the small SUV market, a few vehicles stand out. Ask around about a safe SUV with both passenger room and cargo space that drives more like a car, and you’ll hear two vehicles mentioned over and over again: the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV-4. Which one will be the better choice for...Read more


2017 Honda Accord VS Toyota Camry

December 21, 2016

View Inventory   You’ve narrowed your options down, and you’re in the market for a car. No SUV, no minivan, no truck, no crossover-you want a car that will offer you all of the options you need at the price you want. You also want the quality and craftsmanship that is the hallmark of...Read more


2017 Honda Accord Portland Or

November 28, 2016

The 2017 Honda Accord, available in the sporty coupe or stately 4-door sedan models, is an industry favorite for a reason. Beautiful inside and out, with a series of safety options that makes for a confident driver, the Accord is a sleek, stately option for nearly any driver looking for both reliability with a...Read more