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When Is Leasing The Right Choice?

When should you lease a vehicle? If it’s time to purchase a new vehicle, you might be stuck wondering whether it’s better to buy or lease. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide, where we highlight some of the reasons why leasing might be your best option. Check it out to learn more.

You Require a New Car

If you work in an industry in which driving an upscale car – say, for entertaining or transporting clients – is a must, then you should definitely consider leasing. When you lease a car, you can drive a brand new car at a reduced cost. Depending on your career, you might even be able to work your lease in as a tax write-off. Leasing also means you can drive a new car every few years, which has plenty of advantages. New cars suffer from less mechanical issues, offering a more worry-free experience for you, the driver.

You Want to Save Money Up Front

When you lease a vehicle, you essentially drive a premium car for less money. You’ll pay lower monthly payments and you might even get away without paying any kind of down payment. You also pay reduced sales tax. Leasing also makes it easy to pick out a brand new car every two or three years. If you’re a driver who likes to switch things up on a regular basis – and save money at the same time – leasing is the right choice.

You’re Interested in Warranty Coverage

Because your leased vehicle won’t ever be more than a few years old, you’ll almost always enjoy impressive warranty coverage. That means, should something go wrong, you’d enjoy low repair costs. Modern warranties often include on-demand roadside assistance, providing you with additional peace of mind on the highway. With reduced repair costs and lower monthly payments, leasing a vehicle frees up more of your cash to spend – or save – as you please.

You Crave an Easy-Breezy Showroom Experience

Leasing can be much simpler than buying a car. At the outset, you can pick up your newly leased car without any hassle – and often without putting any money down. When you lease, you also get to skip the aggravation of trading in your old car. You won’t have to worry about shopping around for the best trade-in value. At the end of your lease, simply return your leased vehicle and pick up a new one.


When all is said and done, there are plenty of excellent reasons to lease a car rather than buy one. If you’re the kind of driver who needs a new car for work – or even if you simply want to trade in your vehicle every few years – leasing is certainly your best bet. By leasing, you’ll save money on monthly payments and overall repair costs. When you lease your next car, you’ll enjoy a painless experience from car dealer to driveway.

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