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What is Pulse?

Pulse Lights for Cars

Distracted driving kills. Sadly, distracted driving has elevated exponentially since the invention of the cell phone, and only very recently have new ideas like Pulse come to fruition to help reduce distracted driving and deadly wrecks.

What is Pulse?

Pulse is a type of lighting that drivers can utilize, within their brake lights, to make them more noticeable to other drivers. Pulse lights themselves produce a strobe-like effect that seizes the attention of those who are trailing your vehicle and serves as a striking visual alert. Tests have proven that distracted drivers are 69% more likely to notice a Pulse light versus a typical brake light, and their reaction time is also increased by 50%. Consequently Pulse lights definitively make you and your family safer.

Pulse flashing brake lights

Pulse for Distracted Drivers

No matter how safely you drive, there are still other poor drivers in the world that we all (unfortunately) have to worry about. Pulse, as well as other new safety technologies like Honda Sensing, are your protection against those poor drivers. You certainly cannot prevent those poor drivers from existing, but you can jolt them into higher alertness with the Pulse system.

Install Pulse Lighting

Interested in using Pulse lights? Talk to your local Honda sales team at Dick Hannah Honda. We are always happy to help our drivers feel safer.

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