Honda HR-V and Honda CR-V: Which is Right for You?

Honda HR-V and Honda CR-V: Which Is Right For You?

Choosing a vehicle may seem like a never-ending challenge-deciding between body styles, options, and trim levels can leave even the most knowledgeable buyer legitimately confused. Some models, like the Honda HR-V and the Honda CR-V, may actually seem so similar that it may seem harder than ever to decide which option is best for you.

Each of these models has been recently redesigned and updated with modern features, safety, technology to make your ride smoother and safer, so you are getting a great vehicle no matter which one you choose.

Interior Space & Cargo Room

A big part of your decision to go with an HR-v or a CR-V can have a lot to do with what you need to haul around. Is it supplies for your children’s soccer practice or is it just your personal camping gear for a night under the stars storage capacity is going to be something you will want to think about when you are looking at these two Crossover SUVs.

2021 Honda CR-V Cargo Space

2021 Honda CR-V Cargo Space

The CR-V is going to have a little bit more room than the HR-V room since it is a midsized crossover while the HR-V is a compact crossover SUV. It is going to come with 39.2 cu-ft of cargo space that is expandable to 75.8 cu-ft with it down. It is also important to think about seating. And, the Honda CR-V has seating for 5 and there is a front legroom of 41.3 inches and in the second row, the passengers are going to have legroom of 40.4 inches.

Honda HR-V Magic Seats

Honda HR-V Vertical Folding Seats

The HR-V is the compact crossover from Honda and it has a base cargo space of 24.4 cu-ft of space while the back seat is folded down you can get up to 58.8 with it folded down. The front legroom is just slightly smaller than in the CR-V at 41.2 and the back passenger will get 39.3 inches of legroom. The HR-V also has a feature that allows you to flip on the rear seat cushions so you can pack in some taller items, like your mountain bike.

Both of these vehicles have a solid amount of storage, but what it really comes down to is what you are planning on hauling. Here in the pacific northwest we all love our outdoors, so if you are just looking to take a friend or a partner up to the mountain the HR-V might be the better choice, if you are looking to take the family camping on the coast for the weekend the CR-V is going to have a bit more space than you will appreciate.


2021 Honda CRV or the 2021 Honda HRV which is right for you?

So, you may be unsurprised to discover that the Honda CR-V looks a lot like a number of other small SUVs in its class. Four doors, aerodynamic and angular design, shark fin antenna, 17-inch wheels, chrome accents, tricked out grille, and wheel options-it’s not boring, but it’s not a standout.

The interior is the same, with finishes that play it safe rather than taking a lot of risks. The CR-V is not meant to be a risk-taker — that’s not its purpose. The Honda CR-V is meant to look and feel like a reliable, sturdy, suburban SUV-and it does that job admirably.

The HR-V is not called to that same purpose, so its design takes some risks. When you see the HR-V coming down the road, it looks different.

Let’s start with the doors. Though it’s four doors, the back door handles are hidden on the side, which makes the HR-V feel even more aerodynamically angled for action. Its design feels compact, sporty, and fun.

The interior has the same sense of fun, with a tech-heavy design that features touchscreens and moonroofs and a host of options that usually only come on fully-loaded trims but that come standard on the second tier HR-V trim. It may seem strange to suggest that a vehicle looks like it’s having a good time, but the HR-V does, inside and out.

To really get a feel of how these two vehicles look and feel your best best is going to swing out to our dealership conveniently locations in Vancouver and test drive a new vehicle today!


In the northwest, we like our AWD vehicles and fortunately, the HR-V comes both in front-wheel drive and All-Wheel Drive options. Additionally, the Honda HR-V has a 1.5-liter turbo-four that is rated at 190 hp with 179 lb-ft of torque.

The transmission is the ultra-smooth CVT so you won’t even notice the vehicle shifting. The gas mileage on these crossover SUVs is right around the 30MPG combined mark for the FWD and right around 29 combined MPG for the AWD, and there are options for Hybrid HR-Vs as well.

The slightly smaller CR-V comes loaded with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that supports up to 141 hp and 127 lb-ft of torque. The Honda CR-V is also available in FWD and AWD models, and they also come with the silky smooth CVT transmission. The rates from the EPA put this compact crossover at a combined 31 MPG for the FWD and 29 MPG for the AWD version.

Both the CR-V and the HR-V are going to have very similar fuel economy, and your major choice is going to be whether you want FWD or AWD in your next crossover SUV.

Price Point

The Honda CR-V is priced to fit with other compact SUVs, with the base trim coming in around $25,000. With Honda’s safety packages and engineering, as well as a few of the options that come standard on this SUV, this price is spot on. The trims range from that base price of $25K to nearly $30K, not including the fully-loaded Touring model which comes in around $34,000.

The HR-V, however, offers a base price of nearly $5,000 less, allowing buyers to get into a crossover SUV for around $20,000. The HR-V doesn’t skimp on the features, either, with the $21,000 model offering touchscreen entertainment and climate control systems, along with push start and a moonroof. It’s hard to find that combination of features and passenger room in an SUV for less than $27-28K.

Make sure to browse our selection of Honda CR-V Crossover SUVs and our Honda HR-V Crossover SUVs to ensure you get the right trim for you!

Bottom Line

So what’s the difference between the HR-V and the CR-V, besides the three inches of height and a few cubic feet of cargo room?

The price for one. The HR-V is built for people who want the fully-loaded SUV experience, but don’t want the sticker shock that comes with that choice with traditional compact SUV options.

The style is the next piece that you will want to consider. The HR-V is a little sportier looking with its hidden rear door handles and more aggressive grille. The CR-V comes across a bit more classic and refined looking.

With this crossover model, you sacrifice a bit of height and cargo space for the other features that become more affordable in these models. The CR-V is still the better option for people who frequently travel with both multiple passengers and cargo, but the HR-V offers an attractive alternative to others who may be able to sacrifice one or the other.

Still not sure? Contact us or swing by and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff who will be more than happy to help you find the perfect car or SUV for you.


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