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2018 Honda Pilot vs. 2018 Toyota Sequoia

2018 Honda Pilot VS Toyota Sequoia


Two of the most popular modern SUV models on the market are the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Sequoia. However, both models are distinctively different. Both are spacious, sizey vehicles. The real crux of the question becomes – how much space and style do you really desire?

The 2018 Sequoia is certainly the roomier and more powerful model, but with those advantages come limitations. The 2018 Pilot yields significantly better gas mileage and also costs drastically less. For those reasons the Pilot is the better choice for most families, but let’s dive a little deeper to compare the two models.

2018 Honda Pilot vs. 2018 Toyota Sequoia

Performance: Winner = Sequoia

2018 Toyota Sequoia Portland

The Sequoia is simply the more powerful of the two models. It offers effortless V-8 power, significantly more horsepower and torque, as well as double the trailering capacity of the Pilot. If power is your preference, your choice is easy. Choose the Sequoia.

Interior Comfort: Winner = Sequoia

2018 Toyota Sequoia

The Honda Pilot is no slouch in this category, however the interior of the Sequoia often feels like a luxury vehicle and edges out the Pilot in every single cargo space measurement. Drivers and passengers inside the Sequoia enjoy several more inches of personal space, and while both vehicles offer all the technological bells and whistles, the Sequoia just feels more luxurious. For that reason, the Sequoia wins this category.

Pricing: Winner = Pilot

2018 Honda Pilot Comparison

The power and interior luxury of the Sequoia certainly inflates its price. Consequently the 2018 Honda pilot price is overwhelmingly less expensive and therefore more realistic for most families. Fully loaded Pilot models cost roughly as much as the base MSRP for the most basic Sequoia models. On average, Pilot owners can expect to pay $15,000 less than Sequoia owners, which is an incredible gift to put back into your family coffers.

Exterior Styling: Winner = Pilot

2018 Honda Pilot

Yet another drawback of the Sequoia’s power and interior roominess is its overly boxy exterior, which can make everyday activities like parking at the grocery store surprisingly difficult. We prefer the more nimble and aerodynamic appearance of the Pilot, which inherently makes it more practical for your suburban errand-running activities.

Safety: Winner = Draw

2018 Honda Pilot vs Toyota Sequoia

These are two exceptionally safe SUVs. Both models offer all of the safety tech that that drivers expect from 2018 models, and both score very well on all of their safety tests. Consequently there is no decisive winner in this category.

Fuel Economy: Winner = Pilot

2018 Pilot vs 2018 Sequoia

The data here is clear – families who care about fuel economy should choose the 2018 Pilot. While the bulkier and more powerful Sequoia offers 13/17 mpg city and highway fuel rating, the Pilot delivers a much more palatable 19/27 mpg. When factoring in its lower MSRP as well, the Pilot is the obvious choice for families who are more practical than luxurious.

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2018 Honda Pilot


Are you a more luxurious person or a practical person? The answer to that question dictates which of these SUVs you should drive. Luxury drivers will love the power, performance, and interior comfort of the Sequoia. However, the Sequoia is an expensive SUV. More practical buyers will still find plenty of positives with the Pilot’s performance and interior, and its price tag and fuel economy are seductive enough that we can officially declare it the winner of this head-to-head contest.

*Any MPG listed is based on model year EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary, depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, battery pack age/condition (hybrid only) and other factors. For additional information about EPA ratings, visit https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/label/learn-more-PHEV-label.shtml.

** Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program. Model tested with standard side airbags (SABs). For additional information on the 5-Star Safety Ratings program, please visit www.nhtsa.gov.

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