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2017 Honda Accord

2017 Honda Accord Portland Oregon

Honda has brought back the iconic Accord sedan, packed with new technology and a stylish personality. The 9th generation Accord stands again as the best-seller in its class, bringing a whole new level of tech and comfort in each trim level available. Recognized by many as a casual family vehicle, the 2017 Honda Accord now holds it’s own against premium sedans on the market. From the masterfully designed safety features to the sleek new interior, the 2017 Honda Accord is an absolute win for those seeking experience luxury on a budget.

2017 Honda Accord Portland

Part of the Accord’s strong reputation includes it’s dense safety features and this year the 2017 Honda Accord delivered. Standard in all trims includes Honda’s ACE structure (Advanced Compatibility Engineering), VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist), ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), and dozens of more acronyms to keep you and your loved ones safe. Top safety features for this year include dual-stage front airbags to protect passengers during a collision (SRS) and electronic brake distribution to intelligently slow the vehicle during varying road or speed conditions. For those transporting small children, all 2017 Honda Accord trims come equipped with anchors and tethers to securely attach child safety seats.

While in the safety of the 2017 Honda Accord, drivers and passengers can explore the many tech features including hands-free Bluetooth, Pandora integration, and dual-zone climate control. The 2017 Honda Accord recognizes that smartphones have become an important role in our everyday life and that’s why all models of the 2017 Accord come equipped with a USB audio interface for charging and playback. The 2017 Accord’s entertainment module is extremely easy to use; With a high-resolution WVGA screen, the Accord makes access to media and navigation hassle-free. For those looking to drive in higher comfort, the EX trim comes equipped with a larger 7″ display compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Sirius XM radio.

2017 Honda Accord Review

A major benefit to shopping the Honda Accord is the ability to customize and choose specialty models such as the Accord hybrid, LX, EX, or the all-new Sport Special Edition package! After a year’s hiatus, the Accord hybrid made it’s way back with an impressive lineup of new features. While serving up to 49 miles to the gallon, the Accord Hybrid now includes features such as remote state, a Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), forward collision warning (FCW), and much more. For those seeking to drive in luxury, look no further than the all-new Accord Sport Special Edition. The 2017 Accord Sport Special Edition includes premium leather-trimmed seats with red stitching. These flashy and comfortable seats also include adjustable heating, a valuable feature for those that live in colder climates like us in the Northwest.


Overall, we are thoroughly impressed with the 2017 Honda Accord. From its first-rate safety features to its luxury comfort and style, the 2017 Honda Accord is an absolute steal in our book. This classic model from Honda once again proves to us why it remains a top seller in its category. For those looking for a little more comfort, efficiency, or performance, the 2017 Accord offers a wide variety of trims and features to suit the needs of the particular buyer. We highly recommend test driving this vehicle, you’ll see for yourself why the 2017 Honda Accord remains a category champion.


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