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Dick Hannah Honda Double the Factory Limited Powertrain Warranty - 10 years or 120,000 miles

Service Department Limited Warranty

Service when Maintenance Light comes on, up to 120,000 on odometer


This Service Department Limited Warranty is issued by DICK HANNAH HONDA Service Department, (3321 Auto Mall Drive, Vancouver, WA) to you in intervals recommended by your maintenance schedule for so long as you own your Honda motor vehicle and comply with the terms ‘hereof, but in no event further than when the true mileage on the vehicle exceeds 120,000 miles. The Service Department of DICK HANNAH HONDA offers this warranty on its services as it performed maintenance on the vehicle on the date/mileage set forth above. It is on account of its confidence in the quality of its Services that DICK HANNAH HONDA can offer this Service Department Limited Warranty. This is a Limited Warranty with respect to services rendered by DICK HANNAH HONDA’s Service Department and not a parts warranty or warranty with respect to the sale of the vehicle to you. In servicing the vehicle, we are confident that the covered components which we inspected and serviced will not suffer a mechanical breakdown between the time of the Prior service and the Next service stated above. This Service Department Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from State to State.


Term: The term of the Limited Warranty is the interval between the Maintenance Obligations as defined below and is extended for the same intervals for so long as you meet you Maintenance Obligations, provided however that it expires when the true mileage on the vehicle is 120,000 miles.


Coverage: Subject to your full and timely performance of your Maintenance Obligations set forth below, if you experience a Mechanical Breakdown of any of the following covered components during the term of this Limited Warranty, DICK HANNAH HONDA will repair or replace them:


Electrical: alternator, windshield wiper motor, starter motor, ignition control module


Engine: all internally lubricated parts and exhaust manifolds

Transmission: all internally lubricated parts excluding clutch plates, fly wheel and throw-out bearings


Brakes: vacuum assist booster, hydraulic lines, and fittings


Front suspension: upper and lower control arms, control arm shaft and bushings, ball joints, spindle and supports (does not include alignment, wheel balance, or the replacement of shock absorbers)


Steering: internally lubricated parts within the steering box housing, power steering pump, power cylinder assembly


Air Conditioner: compressor, condenser, and evaporator (replacement of all other parts including refrigerant is obligation of owner)


Exclusions: The Service Department Limited Warranty does not cover (1) INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES EVEN IF RESULTING FROM MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN OF A COVERED COMPONENT (SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OF INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU (2) any loss occurring because of abuse, damage by accident, or neglect, (3) any repair to valves or rings because of low compression, (4) any vehicle used for competitive driving or racing, (5) any damage resulting from collision, theft, fire, freezing, vandalism, riot, explosion, lightning, earthquake, windstorm, hail, water, or flood, (6) any loss if the odometer has been altered or disconnected or otherwise manipulated or replaced, (7) breakdowns covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty or subject to repair under any Service Contract on the vehicle, (8) Mechanical Breakdowns cause by insufficient oil or coolant, contaminated fuel, or overheating, (9) any Mechanical Breakdown resulting from use of the vehicle contrary to the Manufacturers Owners Manual or towing/capacity limitations, (10) damage to a covered component if resulting from any exclusion, (11) seals and gaskets unless required in connection with the replacement of covered components.


Maintenance Obligations: This Limited Warranty is given on account of the confidence we have in our service department maintenance and repair of the vehicle. The Limited Warranty therefore requires that you have us timely perform specific maintenance on your vehicle at your expense. Your vehicle must be serviced, at your cost and expense, at DICK HANNAH HONDA in accord with Honda’s maintenance schedule as dictated by the “Maintenance Required Light” on your dashboard. The maintenance intervals are determined by the engine computer which registers the specific use and operation of your vehicle. When the “Maintenance Required Light” illuminates, you must fully service the vehicle at DICK HANNAH HONDA in accord with the Owner’s Manual / Maintenance Manual or the continuation of this Limited Warranty will terminate. For example, if you fail to schedule and have timely performed the required Services, a mechanical breakdown that occurs after the required Service date and mileage will not be covered and the Limited Warranty expires automatically and cannot be revived by a subsequent Service. If you misplace your Manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual and/or Maintenance Manual, please contact us immediately for a replacement or duplicate of the required schedule. We allow a window of 300 miles and 10 business days after the “Maintenance Required Light” illuminates for you to have performed the required service. We can extend the window if you timely request an appointment and we cannot provide you with an appointment time within the window allowed,


What To Do In The Event Of a Mechanical Breakdown: In the event of a Mechanical Breakdown (Mechanical Breakdown means failure of a covered component and not subject to exclusion) you must immediately and prior to continued use (continued operation constitutes abuse and neglect any may result in exclusion of coverage) call the Service Department at 360-944-3334 for an appointment and thereafter, at your expense, deliver the vehicle to the Service Department. A standard repair order will be prepared and signed and authorization must be given by you for commencement of assessment and repair pursuant thereto. If the Mechanical Breakdown is covered under the terms of this Service Department Limited Warranty, then all repairs will be at our expense. If all or any of the repairs are not covered by this Service Department Limited Warranty, then such must be paid for by you (if not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, a warranty by the parts manufacturer, or a Service contract.)




Transferability: This Service Department Limited Warranty is not transferable by you. DICK HANNAH HONDA does not authorize any other person or company to assume or perform any obligations or liabilities in connection with the vehicle covered hereunder.


Mediation/Arbitration: All claims, controversies or disputes, whether they be statutory, contract and/or tort claims shall be resolved pursuant to mediation and arbitration procedures and policies of the American Arbitration Association. Prior to initiating mediation or arbitration the party desiring such must first attempt to resolve the dispute directly with the other party. By so providing for Mediation/Arbitration each party is waiving his/her/its right to a trial in Court or to a jury. The results to the Arbitration shall be binding and not appealable except as may be allowed under the arbitration provisions of State law.

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